vehicle temperature tracker displays offline What's going on

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vehicle temperature tracker

The vehicle temperature tracker shows what happens when you go offline. There are several things that can cause you to go offline:

1, the locator is off, the power is off.

This is the case if you dial the mobile number of the locator from your mobile phone if you are prompted to turn it off. Check the locator power lines for problems, power outages. Whether the supply voltage and current are within the voltage and current range specified for the positioning device installation. The three indicators on the body of the locator are not bright at all.

2, the locator has no mobile phone signal.

Call the mobile phone number of the locator through the mobile phone, if the prompt can not be connected, not in the service area, this is the case. If possible, park in an environment with good signal conditions. The installation position of the locator should not be too closed, there should be no metal products, and the installation position in the car should be as close as possible. (In underground garages, tunnels, remote blocks and other areas without mobile phone signals, the locator will be offline)

3, the mobile phone card of the locator is overdue, or the mobile phone card package changes, and the Internet function is disabled.

For details, consult the operator of the mobile card (example: Mobile: 10086, Unicom: 10010), consult whether the mobile card is overdue, whether the Internet function is opened, whether the Internet function is effective, and whether the package has been changed. If it is a mobile phone card, be sure to open GPRS, the access point must be cmnet.

vehicle temperature tracker

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